NationWide Pharmacies

NationWide Pharmacies

The Challenge
The NationWide Pharmacies challenge was to update the online pharmacy site for customers to meet today’s expectations:

1. Make sure the site gives the best customer experience on all mobile devices
2. Have some fresh, always changing information on the homepage
3. Make sure the site complies with the latest CQC regulations

To meet the requirements we have implemented a fully responsive template with megamenu dropdowns and mobile navigation. Also implemented touch friendly solutions throughout the site.
To be able to show latest updates and content we have integrated a Blog solution with a homepage widget to show latest updates. We have refactored and optimized the social interactions on the site as well,
and added more rich content by adding video lightboxes.

For the CQC requirements we have successfully implemented a number of totally unique solutions. The most important piece of the puzzle was a tight-controlled Patient Consultation system
to make sure the site automatically diagnoses the patient (with the doctor overseeing the results) and recommends prescription medicines automatically, allowing only matching medicines to be bought based on the patient’s condition.
We have also integrated a confidential messaging system between doctor and patient, added the ability for the patient to upload and share custom documents, surgery details using a user friendly
map solution. And we made it possible for the doctor to easily be able to export all medical records with just one click.

Key features

  • Magento
  • CQC Compliance
  • Blog Integration
  • One-click customer data backup
  • Internal messaging system
  • Surgery locator
  • Patient Consultation with automatic diagnoses


  • Magento

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