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The Challenge

Changefirst were looking to create an online Change Management platform. They had an old online tool that had served them well for a number of years but wanted to revolutionise Change Management for the digital age. They wanted help to reshape their business to leverage the benefits of digital technology.


There were many elements we worked with Changefirst on, including stabilising their existing system while we designed and built a brand new platform.

To build the new platform we worked with the business leads to fully understand their needs, their customers expectations and then brought in designers to create the wireframes for the new application.

Once the design was agreed and the wireframes signed off, the team got on with building the application. As the legacy application was large and cumbersome, we decided to create the new application using micro services and utilised Single Sign On to allow seamless login across a wide range of applications as well as third party integrations. In addition we opted for a headless CMS to allow configurations across the applications and a BI tool to allow wide scale reporting capabilities.

We used an Agile methodology so the business leads were able to test elements of the platform at various stages and make changes as required to ensure the platform was fit for purpose.

We also called upon our network to help with videography to create training videos required for the platform.

Additionally as Changefirst were moving into the digital space, we worked with them in terms of their Information Security policies and procedures.


The platform was launched and has received fantastic feedback from users and partners in the Change Management field. We have continued to work with Changefirst, creating additional services to enhance the platform and also maintenance and improve the application based on user feedback.

In addition we supported Changefirst to gain ISO 27001 certification, giving their customers trust in their platform.

Key features

  • React application
  • Internationalisation - aspects of the platform are available in up to 11 languages
  • Directus headless CMS to enable non technical staff to update content.
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • Business Intelligence tool
  • Single Sign On (Keycloak SSO)
  • React
  • Single Sign On (Keycloak)
  • BI Tool
  • Survey JS
  • Headless CMS
  • ISO 27001
  • 2000+ hours
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